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1. We are on an island. That typically means that resources are more limited and demand is greater during peak season June – August. Consider planning an off-season wedding to avoid the crowds and get better rates on services and at hotels.
2. All Texas beaches are open to the public. There is no such thing as a private beach on South Padre. There are areas that are less trafficked than others though.
3. Expect to pay a premium to have your reception on South Padre Island. The old adage, “Location, Location, Location” applies to planning your South Padre Island wedding reception. WedBeach.com can help steer you toward the services and vendors you will need to pull off your beach ceremony. Planning a reception will require securing a venue that will accommodate your guest count and budget.
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4. Weather can be unpredictable. While South Padre Island has an average annual temperature in the high 70’s, temperatures and weather can fluctuate depending on the season. For the most part July – September are calm, hot and sunny. October and November are seasonally mild but can be more unpredictable. One day it may be sunny and 80 while the next it could be 55 with a strong North wind and driving rain. The best insurance against the varying weather patterns is to remain flexible and have a backup plan. There are companies like WedSafe that sell event insurance that can help ease the pain of having to cancel your event due to unforeseen circumstances. Keep up to date on South Padre Island weather here: Weather Underground
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5. What about hurricanes? As a lifelong resident of South Padre Island, hurricanes are a part of life. As many island business owners will attest, sometimes the threat of a hurricane can cause more damage than the actual storm. How so? Just put Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel on your beach in the middle of the summer and watch vacationers file back home like they left the stove on. Kidding aside, hurricanes are serious and the threat of one hitting close to an area where you are located is a cause for concern. However, South Padre Island is fortunate to average one hurricane about every 7 – 10 years. Most businesses on the island will offer to refund your deposit and payments in the event of a hurricane. Be sure to inspect any agreement you make to ensure that this is the case.
6. The sun sets on the bay side of the island. Every bride that is thinking about getting married on the beach dreams of a gorgeous sun setting in the background as she says “I do”. When standing on the beaches of South Padre, keep in mind that you will be facing East, the direction of the sunrise. A true sunset wedding, with the sun setting over the water, will need to be located on the bay side (West side) of the island. This is an often overlooked detail when planning your ceremony. If you truly want to be on the beach with the sun behind you, consider a sunrise ceremony on South Padre Island. The symbolism of a new beginning as a new day is dawning can have a deep and meaningful impact on your lives as well as your special day.

Sunset Wedding South Padre Island
7. One bridge on or off the island. For now, South Padre Island is only accessible by the Queen Isabella Causeway. Plans are in the works for a new bridge. In the meantime, it is important to consider your date and the impact that will play on the timing of your wedding and on your guests in attendance. Spring Break, Easter, Fourth of July, Memorial and Labor Day all bring with them a heavy influx of visitors to the beaches of South Padre Island. These dates are popular for couples planning a South Padre Island destination wedding because they usually coincide with vacation time away from work. However, keep in mind, most other vacationers have the same days off and enjoy coming to the beach as much as you. I have spent many long hours trying to get on and off of the island during these peak holiday seasons. For the most part, accessing South Padre Island across the bridge is easy and painless, many islanders can recall having to spend several hours stalled in traffic during a holiday rush. If you are insistant on having your wedding during a peak holiday time, ensure that you and your guests have accommodations on the island and that you arrive ahead of time to avoid potentially heavy bridge traffic. There are a few other times of the year that the bridge may be experience heavy traffic temporarily for parades, races, concerts or other similar events Check the South Padre Island Convention Center calendar to keep up to date on the latest happenings in the area.

8. South Padre Island is not in Mexico and it does not have all-inclusive resorts. We have received many phone calls over the years from couples expecting to show up and have a resort cater to all of their wants and needs. Usually, those couples have been searching online and finding information about Cancun Destination Weddings. South Padre Island is not Cancun and the resorts do have have wedding departments to fulfill all of your needs. Even at a resort you will need to hire outside vendors to fulfill all of the vendors for your wedding and reception. If you are interested in having a Cancun Destination Wedding, head over to Destination WE Travel and speak to a Cancun Destination Wedding specialist. Otherwise, you are in the right place. Go to the Build Your Own Package page and begin building your South Padre Island beach wedding package.

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