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April 14, 2015
Get Married on South Padre
1. We are on an island. That typically means that resources are more limited and demand is greater during peak season June – August. Consider planning an off-season wedding to avoid the crowds and get better rates on services and at hotels. 2. All Texas beaches are open to the public. There is no such...
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Carrying Bride - South Padre Sands Wedding
We’ve all heard at least one of these Wedding Traditions & Superstitions. The groom carries the bride across the threshold, ok, but why? Fiancé slips an engagement ring on your ring finger on your left hand. Why not your right hand? Let’s answer a few of these questions and learn a few more wedding traditions...
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New Wedding Trends - South Padre Sands
WEDDING RECEPTION TRADITIONS Cheers and toast The first toast is proposed by the best man after the wedding party has been served. Then family members, friends or even the bride and groom can follow him. Cake cutting The actual cutting of the cake is also symbolic of your new life together, so it is important...
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